I draw, sometimes write, sometimes make visual novels, and I take commissions.I have a lot of big things in the works currently, including multiple fan fest projects and an original web comic. Follow me on Tumblr/Instagram to get updates on what I'm working on.


Commission TOS

By commissioning me you are agreeing to these terms, so please read before contacting me for a commission.


This means that you may send me a request for a commission, but I may not be able to accept it for a few weeks or at all until I reopen my commissions officially. I am currently working on a large project that takes a lot of my time!

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission I'm not comfortable taking.

  • My work is digital only. I am not required to ship any physical goods.

  • REFUNDS ARE NOT ALLOWED. If you plan on refunding, do not commission me in the first place. Refunding will result to you being put on a blacklist.

  • You're NOT allowed to use and re-sell my art for NFTs and A.I.

  • Commission is for personal or private use only unless agreed upon by both parties.

  • I maintain all rights to my work and I may use it for my needs such as portfolios, blog posts, and videos, unless discussed otherwise by both parties.

  • The piece may take two-three weeks depending on my availability. I take rush commissions on a case by case basis and they will come with an added cost depending on the piece and the timing requested.

  • I will do NSFW if I'm comfortable with what is asked, and there is an added cost for this (+50% of the full price). I will NOT draw minors in NSFW situations. Do not even ask me, you will be blocked.

  • You must credit me (@itsphantasmagoria) as the artist whenever the art is used, posted, and showcased.


  • I start working on the commission only after I get paid. You can pay 50% up front only on commissions worth $100+ USD, and the remaining 50% after the sketch is finalized.

  • Progress images and updates will be sent throughout the transaction. Please communicate any concerns during the process phase.

  • Revisions can only be done during process phase. Any revisions once the piece is done will cost $25 USD.

  • Commissions will be received through a google drive link. I send a hi-res version and a lower-res version for use on social media.


  • Extreme gore

  • Heavy mechs

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (sorry lol)

  • Anything that promotes hatred

  • Minors in any kind of sexual situation